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"The best form of worship is the pursuit of knowledge."
- Prophet Mohammed (SAS)

Our Philosophy

We at Raah Academy acknowledge that attaining knowledge, transpires constantly both inside and outside the classroom and is indeed a continuous process. At Raah Academy we function to maintain an educational curriculum incorporated with Islamic beliefs and values. This acts as an impetus to  promote discussion, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving growth and social skills as a part of learning at our institute. We truly believe by instilling these fundamental learning blocks via interactions with peers and adults, our students will be better able to develop a  good self-image, a hunger for knowledge and an appreciation to comprehend their  faith. 

With a soft prayer in our hearts and imploring mercy and guidance from our Creator, we nurture the hope for a garden of youngsters who will mature into intelligent and responsible people.

Our Philosophy
School Student

Why Raah Academy?

“Ilm is Noor” from Allah ( SWT). Seeking spiritual knowledge along with secular education makes us better muslimeen.

Raah Academy looks forward to create a new generation of dynamic individuals guided by value based education to inculcate honesty, integrity, compassion and mutual respect.

Raah Academy adopts a student centric approach to impart the finest education from kindergarten to 10th.

Our students are encouraged to possess highly developed physical, social and intellectual skills , a desire to learn and explore and a determination to succeed.

During their educational journey at Raah Academy, a strong sense of responsibility and a commitment to humanitarian endeavors is instilled in our students.


To develop well-rounded, balanced and guided individuals with a positive identity to create a society where justice, service and accountability are valued, such that these individuals excel and effectively contribute to the community and humanity at large.


To foster a positive learning environment, committed to provide students superior education and a holistic development along with a right blend of Islamic values and knowledge.

Why Raah Academy?
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