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Ngozi, the Nigerian Funk Anthem by Felix Liberty - Download Mp3 Here

Download Felix Liberty Ngozi: A Classic Nigerian Funk Song

If you are a fan of Nigerian music, you might have heard of Felix Liberty, also known as Lover Boy, a singer, songwriter, and producer who ruled the airwaves in the 80s with his hit song "Ifeoma". But did you know that he also had another popular song called "Ngozi"? In this article, we will tell you more about Felix Liberty, his song Ngozi, and how you can download it for your enjoyment.

Who is Felix Liberty?

Felix Liberty is a Nigerian pop musician who was born in Edo State. He started his musical career with his older brother, Aigbe Lebarty, a highlife musician, before going solo. His first album was "Girls For Sale" in 1979, but he achieved his breakthrough with "Lover Boy" in 1982, which became his showbiz moniker. He was well-received in Eastern Nigeria, especially among the Igbo community, and some of his songs were odes to Igbo women, such as "Ego", "Chi-Chi", "Ada", "Uchenna", "Ngozi", and "Nneka". In 1989, he released his most famous song, "Ifeoma", from the album "One Life To Live", which was a romantic ballad that appealed to many Nigerians. He released his last secular album, "419", in 1992, before relocating to the United States where he established a taxi firm business. He returned to Nigeria five years later and became a born-again Christian. He attended bible school in America and is now a pastor of his own ministry.

download felix liberty ngozi

His musical career and achievements

Felix Liberty was one of the pioneers of Nigerian pop music in the 80s, blending funk, disco, reggae, and highlife elements in his songs. He was known for his catchy melodies, smooth vocals, and romantic lyrics. He had a loyal fan base across Nigeria and beyond, and performed at many shows and events. He won several awards and accolades for his music, such as the Nigerian Music Awards for Best Male Vocalist in 1987 and Best Pop Album in 1989. He also collaborated with other Nigerian artists, such as Ras Kimono, Kris Okotie, Sonny Okosun, and more.

His personal life and ministry

Felix Liberty was born into an African traditionalist family but converted to Islam at the height of his fame. However, he became a Christian in the 90s after experiencing some personal challenges. He was supported by fellow singer-turned-preacher Chris Okotie, who helped him enroll in bible school in America. He is now the pastor of Divine Revelation Church in Benin City, where he preaches against polygamy and secular music.

Felix Liberty had a controversial personal life as he fathered 19 children by seven different women. He was married to Rosemary, the mother of his first four children, but they separated due to his infidelity. They later reconciled after he became a Christian. He has since expressed regret over his former lifestyle and has apologized to his children and ex-wives.

What is Ngozi?

Ngozi is one of Felix Liberty's songs from his album "Lover Boy" in 1982. It is a funk song with a catchy chorus and a groovy beat. The song is about a woman named Ngozi who has captured Felix's heart and whom he wants to marry The meaning and origin of the song

Ngozi is an Igbo name that means "blessing" or "grace". It is a common name for girls in Eastern Nigeria, where Felix Liberty had a large fan base. The song Ngozi was inspired by a real-life woman who Felix Liberty met and fell in love with. He wrote the song as a tribute to her and as a way of expressing his desire to marry her. However, he faced some opposition from her family who did not approve of his Islamic faith at the time. He later converted to Christianity and married her.

The lyrics and message of the song

The lyrics of the song Ngozi are simple and straightforward. Felix Liberty sings about how Ngozi has changed his life for the better and how he wants to spend the rest of his days with her. He praises her beauty, character, and intelligence, and asks her to accept his proposal. He also appeals to her parents to give him their blessing and not to judge him by his religion. He assures them that he loves Ngozi sincerely and that he will take good care of her. The message of the song is one of love, respect, and tolerance.

How to download Felix Liberty Ngozi?

If you want to download Felix Liberty Ngozi, you have several options to choose from. You can either download it from a website, a platform, or a mobile app. Here are some of the best ways to download the song:

The best websites and platforms to download the song